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..a headwind in both directions..but of course we are on bikes. March 24, 2010

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So while laying in bed Sunday morning in the Vegas hotel room, feeling full of vodka and pizza I decided I would promptly get back into fitness just as soon as we came home. I convinced my husband go to on a 66 mile bike ride with of my favorite things to do (although Ive only been doing in a few months now, it has quickly become once of my favorite zone out/get fit methods.  Its the Santa Ana river bike trail for you locals..If you park at the Golf course (which you supposedly are not supposed to do-middle finger to the night guard there) its 33 miles down to Huntington Beach Peir..but if you park at Yorba Linda regional park-which I do now (stupid night guard on a power trip uhg) you have to go up to the gold course first then turn around to make it 33 down, for a 66 mile total.

So what usually ends up happening is I head down with a girlfriend or two and we end up at Sharkies once we hit the beach..then we drink too many margaritas and negate any fitness or calories burned.  Thats just who I am..I wanna push it do I can eat and drink and play and have fun..but after all the drinking and non-sleeping I did in Vegas..I vowed not to have any alcohol at fact I would not even go to Sharkies..I would pack a pb&j. Yum.

Okay so Monday morning after we get home sunday night from vegas my husband and I head out to yorba linda to hit the trail. Combine 4 days in vegas, dehydration, crazy wind and my husbands quads which are easily 3 or 4 times more muscular than mine..and I only made it 20 miles. Suck.

So we are riding back to the car, and Im apologizing for being weak, and slow, and lame..and what the hell the wind is blowing against me again! So I say:  How are we facing a head wind going back to the car, when we were just facing a head wind going away from the car? to which my husband replies: “Thats what happens when you ride.” Simple as that-he’s right.

Some days are supposed to be short..but I just keep reminding myself of the first time I rode 20 consecutive miles and actually thought it was way super cool. It is way super cool and I should not discount that! So yes! I RODE 20 MILES! and because of all that could have kept me on the couch with my gatorade and remote..I am a rockstar! Go me:) and Go you..hit me up for a ride..and Ill do my best to go at least the usuall 66 with you!


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