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rest on the downhills March 27, 2010

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How to love every minute:

Its constant and you have to put yourself in check about a hundred times a day. About a thousand if you hang out with the more toxic variety of people.

Today was a good day. Not all inside days are good..but an outside vibe was in the air today. It all started when my husband left about 6a.m. for his physical agility test for the Sheriffs Dept. (later in a text he told me it went well so yeah! go hub) I was lucky enough to fall asleep for two more hours then hop in the shower at 8. One of the best things about riding my bike to work is I have to wear a helmet (it protects your head, and basically your stupid and soon to be dead if you dont wear one..and no you are not cool if you dont. AND you can ride way faster with one one, without hesitation) and since I have to wear a helmet this means I GET to wear a hat once I get to work, which means not only do I not have to do my hair, I dont even have to blow dry it. Heck its so short right now, I can even get away without brushing it, sometimes I just run my fingers thru it and go! So I ride to work, go check out the hundred, hundred and fifty ot so people lined up from camping out for our sale and ride my bike in past them all, as if to say: “yes Im super cool because I have this super cool job and I ride my bike to work (sometimes) and you should come talk to me later, after you shop the sale because I bet we would have a lot in common and maybe even go on a ride or run together at some point in the future.”  Long thoughts like this that go from one idea to the next are the general flow of my brain. So I got a bike trainer from the sale and thats all I really wanted because Im just SO jazzed up about the Hundred Miles Of Nowhere that Im doing to support the LiveStrong Foundation via TeamFatty. I highly encourage you to visit This guys blog is real life, real funny and real awesome. I plan on sharing my life with you like he has with us. It gets a lot deeper, and I feel grateful for having read it. Its amazing to know someone and never have met them. Its cool in a very unique way. And again GO TEAM FATTY.

If anyone wants to be on my crew and come ride the hundred miles of nowhere with me please let me know, Id be happy and honored to throw a little party/get together/ group ride thing from my living room. I bet it would be your first time doing something so strange. Maybe you can even donate a few bucks to Fattys livestrong foundation too. Just visit his blog, you will be hooked. More on Fatty later.

So in to work I go and boy of boy it is the mother of all busy. It is so fun when its like this because you come in contact with hundreds of awesome people. For example I met a couple of cyclists that actually know how to connect the upper santa ana river trail to the lower santa ana river trail, making for a 118mile ride. I have been trying to figure this route out for months. So they are going to email it to me! Yeah! Too bad I dont remember their names..but if in fact they do come thru with this email I will post the directions here for you too, so that you too may enjoy what Im sure will be a fun ride. Or at least a fun story to tell.

Like I said, it was the mother of all busy and it didnt stop until I did eight hours later. So my buddy from work talks to me for a little while about bikes and riding and such. This conversation was started since I was sitting on the office floor trying to figure out how to tighten the tension on my pedals. I had been told how, just had not done it myself yet so I thought it best to try it at work where I can easily ask for help should I need it. So this buddy..we will calm him “warm” because well thats sort of his nickname. Warm actually asks me a few questions about biking, and I actually teach him something, which is incredible because Im such a young rider..young to riding. So warm is going on a ride from SanFran down to our area..say Huntington on the coast and then another 30 miles inland or so. -ish. And just the fact that someone who is getting ready for that kind of ride is actually asking ME questions about riding, it thrills me to no end! Its so so fun to actually know something instead of being the girl who knows nothing all the time.

So warm and I sort of decide to ride on Wednesday..hopefully it happens.

Once I finally made it home I realized I had a pretty bangin’ headache, which makes since after the intensity of the day.  Why is it that when I feel tired from work I look forward to my next day off so I can get some rest, but when I actually consider my options, rest seems like such a lousy way to waste my day off. When will I ever rest? Definetely not Monday, because Im am for sure doing 60, hopefully 70 miles Monday, and not Wednesday because hopefully I get to ride with Warm. Ill rest on the downhills:)


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