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can we skip the tri and just go to brunch? May 1, 2010

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Its a Triathlon weekend! I have got to stop thinking about it! The plan for the weekend is not even really set-and its Saturday morning. This is probably why I am freaking out a little.

Option 1: Stay home, take Advil PM while the sun is still out so I can get a decent nights sleep. Get up and on the road about 3 a.m.   This means I will just spend the day thinking and stressing and getting nervous. I will definitely need to do something to keep my mind occupied.

There really is no option 2. I mean, I could go down to San Diego today, go to the expo and pick up  my race packet. I would like to do this, but I have no interest in paying for a hotel room that I will have to leave at 4 or 5 in the morning.

So today I will spend some of my time tracking Fatty ( as he attempts his first Ironman! In training he expected to finish the swim in 1:50ish, and he actually finished the swim portion this morning in 1:20! So I am trying to see this as good swim strength is in the air, so hopefully I will survive tomorrow. I have swam exactly one time since my last triathlon in October. It is now May. This is not smart. This is dangerous. I am nervous. Ack.

Well the swim is what it is at this point, so I want to work on something I can control, which is T1. Last October I did horrible in T1 and tomorrow I want to do better. The race belt is going to help! But the bike shoes might slow me down. I am still up in the air-trying to decide weather to leave my shoes clipped in when I rack my bike, so I can just put them on once Im on the bike, or to strap my shoes on my feet in transition. I am leaning towards just putting my shoes on my feet. I dont really want to run barefoot thru the gravel parking lot..ouch!  I need to lay out all my transition gear on my bed and go thru it one final time just to make sure I dont forget anything.

Then ride…this should be interesting because last October I was on my old Target Schwinn mountain bike that weights about 95lbs. Now I will be on my 09 Novara Carema Pro road bike. My bike weighs in between 21 and 22 lbs. I anticipate flying thru the ride. Which makes me nervous because I am deathly afraid of getting a flat. Especially a rear flat. I have taken a class on changing a flat, and I have even practiced successfully in the bike shop. However, I dont think I can do it all by myself yet.  If I get a flat, I will be toast. Cross your fingers for me, and I am really going to get some more practice in, on my own bike between now and september.

T2 should be easy. Hop off bike. Jog in and rack bike. de-velcro shoes. Sit on ground and tie up running shoes. Strap on I.T. Band strap, and put race belt on.  ummm..Go? Oh, drink something while doing all this..and maybe eat some Gu chomps or some honey stingers. Okay now its the home stretch so just do it. I ran 6.4 miles last weekend so I had better not take any stinkin walking breaks tomorrow!  Now for the fun part: eat a banana and drink some drink…go buy a t-shirt or a bracelet or something to commemorate this day. Hop in car and go to El Torito for Sunday brunch. That is really all I am looking forward to. Just eating and being able to say: “Yeah, I just did a triathlon…was it hard? oh no..not hard just a ton of fun.”

Nervous and for some reason I cant get off my ass and start setting up all my gear. Wish me luck.


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