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100MON race report May 11, 2010

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100 miles of nowhere has officially arrived, and almost passed.

I decided to wake up at my leisure and have a hearty breakfast..scrambled eggs with hot dogs, along with some buttery toast. And two large glasses of iced tea. It was now time to get on the trainer. I asked my husband to set up my bike/trainer in front of the t.v. for me..I couldnt be expected to do any additional work today. Once set up, I decided to change the incline to a downhill ride, again I didnt want any extra work. Once I began riding with zero resistance, it took me no time at all to realize this was going to be a whole lot easier than I anticipated. With no resistance, you just Fly! So after about a half an hour I changed to an uphill ride instead, that way I could spend more time sitting up, messing around with my cell phone during the ride. -Yesterday I had to preform a deadly operation on my phone, forcing all info out. All pictures, contacts, applications etc. So i thought i would use some of my bike time to get my phone back to the computer it should be.

Once I got the the end of hour two, I decided it would be time for my first break. I was really pushing the miles…well not exactly pushing, but again, the no resistance thing, I figure I was at least half way done. So I was, naturally, thinking about food..and lots of it.  Carnitas was the dinner of choice! Ive never made it before, so i did a little research on my phone before I decided to hop off at the two hour mark. I used my break to go to the grocery store and get all the goods to make dinner…came home, got the meat started, made and ate some delicious guacamole. It was the best sag stop Ive ever been to.

Time to hop back on the bike..did another two hours, and thanks to the beer I had during my sag stop..I decided to take a nap. You can almost fall asleep on the bike when its in the trainer because you dont have to keep your balance. You also dont have to keep your eyes open…in which case, you actually do have to keep your balance. I was struggling with this so I decided to take another break. Oh, and after that first break, I did give myself just a hair of resistance, so I wouldnt get ahead of myself…you can really pedal a bit out of control without any resistance.

Nap time…awesome!1!

Really is there any other event in which you can just decide..Im gonna have a beer..and take a nap!? So amazing. Honestly, the rules for this thing are pretty lax, and I decided to use that to my advantage. It was great. So at this point I am on beer # 2, well rested and pretty ready to call it a day. Im gonna hop in the bike for one more hour and finish this up. Im excited to wear my shirt..even though, unfortunately it is, too small.

Here’s to Fatty, the livestrong foundation,  and my friend W for showing me Fatty’s site. This was fun, and I will definitely be back next year..hopefully with more friends in tow. Success!!! Now I have another crazy story that I love…!! -loveeveryminute:)


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