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my current life March 24, 2010

Hey Everyone,

My name is Rachel, I have a Fantabulous Job and a bunch of cool people in my life. I love to be outside..(in spring, summer and fall..kinda hate winter) and I love to be active. I love to workout outside and enjoy my life..if you are in the 91739/92336/909 area and wanna go for a bike ride, rollerblade, jog, frisbee, fly a kite or just have fun in the sun hit me up and we can get a group thing going.

A few things Ive done:  -Spent countless summers in Sequioa and Kings Canyon..I really did want to be a park Ranger when I grew up..I think i still kinda do.  -Hiked Cucamonga Peak, So beautiful. -Rode the San Gabriel River Bike Trail and The Santa Ana River Bike Trail (I love how SoCal calls these cement storm drains Rivers) -Rollerblade the PE trail in Rancho (most of the time with my cool friend Wren-thanks! its much more fun to rollerblade with a friend) -Completed a triathlon. -Did the great urban race last October. -Run jump and play all over the place. -recently got a tattoo of a bunch of gears from clocks all clustered upon each other in the shape of a heart..thus Love every minute of life..cause its a ticking clock.

Things I want to do: -Climb Whitney. -Do the three T’s trail and do this 60 mile, 5 days and 5 peaks trail in my local MTn..need a partner. Ride the Metro century down to San Diego (Im kinda counting on my buddy Wilt for this one..I hope we can make this work) Spend more time at the beach in my bikini. -Slackline, for the love of God the thing has been in my trunk for months:( -Run more and be redunculously fit for my half marathon in June. -Actually get thru p90x. -Get estensions. 

Again..hit me up, lets go outside!


3 Responses to “my current life”

  1. Dayna Says:

    Hit me up, when you want to slackline.

  2. Mat Says:

    You should add “goat canyon trestle” to your list of hikes, it’s a good one:

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